Pour Over Coffee Dripper for Tumbler

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Perfect for people on the go, the pour over coffee brewer features a patent pending design allowing you to brew your perfect cup of coffee anywhere in just minutes. Designed to fit securely on the top of your favorite 20 oz or 30 oz tumbler and some coffee cups. Uses #2 coffee filters. Tumbler sold separately.


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Wayne Mosley
Throw away the coffee machines and Starbucks

Cannot be happier with an online purchase than this little beauty! I have been using this now for a month and it is working splendidly, so easy to clean and the coffee tastes so much better than Mr. Coffee machines in my kitchen. And it goes without saying that the value proposition on this pour over filter versus buying at Star(y)ucks is beyond comparision! Better coffee, more counter space and can throw in my backpack when traveling......WINNING!!

Billy Tennison
Works Great with my Yeti Tumbler

I bought this as a shortcut to getting "Pour Over" coffee in my 20oz Yeti Tumbler. It work perfectly. I am very happy with this product.


Works great

Charles Garvin

Pour Over Coffee Dripper for Tumbler

amy schmid
Great Product

I went on a camping trip and was looking for a pour over coffee filter. I came upon this Big Frig Tumbler and it looked solid and had great reveiws , I ordered and I am glad I did. It did a great job and was super conveniet and a big plus as it fits a few sizes Would recomend !

Ross Johnson
Excellent Product

My favorite coffee is pour over in a 30oz Yeti. I have tried various cones, with and without holders with varying outcomes. With one product the whole stack fell over and burned my hand with second degree burns. At that point I started using stainless filter cones but those clog up after a while and it takes a long time to pour my three cup serving over the coffee.
This product is the best system I have used yet. The tip-over risk seems much lower and the length of time to pour the water over the coffee and through the paper filter is much better.