45qt Badlands Cooler

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Going out on your next adventure? Our Badlands 45qt Cooler is ready to go! It’s big enough to hold your colossal catch of the day but small enough to carry by yourself.


Technology & Features

5 Year Limited Warranty
Ice Lasts Longer
Holds 47 pounds of ice
Fits 64 12oz cans
Freezer-grade gasket seal keeps out heat
Multi-purpose track mounting system
Durable metal latches are easy to flip open
Stainless steel lock plates with bottle openers
Removeable nylon handles with molded-grip
Ruggedized drain plug resists cracking
Multi-purpose lid with non-slip texture and integrated fishing ruler
Non-slip feet keep your cooler in place at all times


The most popular size in our Badlands Series, this iconic 45qt cooler is excellent for backyard barbecues or your upcoming fishing trip. Each cooler is equipped with a cutting board divider and a basket.

  • 40 LBS. ICE
  • 7+ DAYS COLD

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 18 in

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Customer Reviews

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Dustin Taylor
Follow-up to former 1 star review

After this was posted Jonny reached out to me via phone and wanted to make things right. He offered to send a new cooler with no hassle. This does not change how things went initially but at least they do care enough to want to make things right, which is greatly appreciated. A phone call goes a long way in the world of digital communication, and as a sales professional myself i can appreciate the effort to make a phone call when in an uncomfortable position with a customer.

Dustin Taylor
Bad Customer Service

I wanted to like this company because they support the NWTF. I bought a 45qt cooler 2 years ago. Only used it a couple times, I noticed that it never suctioned itself closed like an Orca I have. Didnt think much of it but then pulling it out of my wifes car it tipped over forward and spilled water out the front of the lid. Tried to work with customer service, they wanted to replace the seal (the seal is perfect, no creases), so i agreed to try it. The seal was shipped to the wrong address, so i never got it. Then they wanted me to pay to send the cooler back to look at, or buy a new one and send this one back for a possible credit if it had a defect. I Included a video of the cooler with water in it spurting water out from under the lid and was condescendingly talked to by Barb, and told (direct quote from email) "Water shouldn't "slosh " around unless you have the entire thing filled with water. The seal I sent should stop it from leaking , per your video ,which happens only when you turn it over." Last i checked ice does in fact turn to water which then leaks if accidentally turned over. Not a great response to a customer with an issue. I bought it direct from their website, so they should be able to see when it was purchased, and that its still under warranty, even though i didnt "register" it. I was hoping my experience would have been better. But I'm just keeping the leaking cooler and they lost a customer.

Jill Heyden
Wish it had wheels

I really love the cooler that I purchased, (size, color, accessories,) but do wish I had purchased the one with wheels. Just couldn’t afford it.
Anyway, I can’t wait to use it this summer

Brad Zapzalka
Excellent cooler

I had to get the 45, since I have all the other sizes!

45 badlands camo cooler

Awesome coolers! They hold up great to extreme conditions. Bought one 4 years ago and just recently purchased another one. Shipping was fast! My first cooler has a vent to drain the water and works great, my new cooler does not have a vent and the water drains slow unless you open the lid. Eliminating the vent plug on the new coolers was not beneficial at all.