2 Holster Cross Five Cattle Cooler


The Cross Five Cattle Cooler is a color-coded animal vaccination/medication organization system.  This cooler is a custom roto-mold type cooler that is sure to handle the ranch!  With proper amounts of ice or heat, the cooler will hold the temp for a few days!


This Cross Five Cattle Cooler organization system has 2 vaccine gun holster tubes on the right lid. The tubes have an enclosed bottom to ensure optimal safety. The “gun” side of the cooler has room for the custom utility tray and ice or heat packs. The holsters promote viability of your vaccine by keeping in cool or warm and out of the sun and elements while not in use.

The left side of the cooler can be divided into 2 compartments with the removable heavy-duty plastic divider. The compartments are color-coded to match the holsters/tubes. Keeping the vaccine and/or medication in their respective compartments will aid in the elimination of cross-