Flip Straw Growler Lid

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Add-on growler lid with integrated wide mouth straw. Flip it closed for a water-tight seal. Internal straw reaches to the bottom so you can sip every last drop of your beverage of choice without breaking your neck. Constructed from BPA-free plastic with rubberized touches so your growler is comfortable to carry and handle. Sizes available for 32 oz and 64 oz growlers.

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Extremely upset as it was sent however it was received in Sioux Falls on February 19th and I still have yet to receive it . It is sitting in Sioux Falls


Nice addition to my growler. The kids love it and take it every day

Great addition to Big Frig Growlers

Made my 32 oz Growler my go to iced tea source throughout the day. It goes where I go. Similarly, added the straw lid to my 64 oz Growler, and it became the perfect hydration source while mowing the lawn during our Texas summers.

Flip straw growler lid...great!!

I do love it!!! It’s nice not have to lift up a 32oz bottle for a drink so the straw is super handy!! Sometimes the suction/seal inside makes it hard to get anything out but I usually just loosen the lid and twist back on and it works fine again!! I took it out hunting one evening and filled it with ice water, and by the time we went out again next morning I’m not sure any ice melted!! I let my 16 year old grab a drink after a “walk about” and he immediately asked me to get him one!! Thank you big frig!!

I really wish I could give 5 stars

Ok this this is great, love the rubber spout and the fact it has that inner straw so you don't have to tip it up and take your eyes of what's in front of you to use it is brilliant. It even preserves the carbonation of your soda if that's what you're drinking and that is where I am having the problem. I rarely have ice around so mine gets filled with straight soda that's kept in the fridge. I found that if you let your growler(I have the 32oz one) sit for a while regardless how full or low it is the pressure does build up and if you don't open it very slowly it shoots out and you end up with a bath. I called the folks at BigFrig and they send me a new lid and I am simply accepting it as a flaw in its design and will hope that slowly opening it will become an automatic habit. Btw my best friend has the same lid and growler and he always uses ice and does not have this problem.

Hi Randy,

Thank you for your feedback. We are always working to improve our products, so this kind of information is invaluable to us. I'm sorry that even the replacement lid we sent is not performing satisfactorily. Please reach out to us at info@bigfrig.com so we can refund your order.

Growler flip straw lid

This is a must for every growler. Easy to clean and makes life easier on the go!