Big Frig Tumbler Lid

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Keep your coffee in your cup and off your pants! Keep bumble bees out of your sweet tea! Our BPA-free sliding lid allows you to cover the lid opening when not in use, preventing liquid from escaping or other things from getting in. Reduces spills and splatters. Improves thermal insulation of your drink. Please select the size you need in the box below before adding to your cart.

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Robert McClelland
Work great

We continuously lose these lids so needed replacements. Very fast shipping and easy online ordering.

Big Frig 30 oz Regular Tumbler Lid

Ordered the Big Frig 30 oz Regular Tumbler Lid to replace the sliding lids I had for my 2 30 oz tumblers. The regular lids are working very well. I liked the siding lid feature but could not keep them clean under the sliding part edges. Black mold developed there and I could not get it out. The regular lids will not have that problem. I recommend the regular lids. Excellent customer service on my order too!

Kirby Gardner

Big Frig Tumbler Lid

#FJB Mug

Coworkers are envious. Cool mug!

Love my custom graphic designed cup, but the lid, WTF?

As some others have mentioned, love my BigFrig 30oz cup, but this has to be about the worst designed lid in the world. Mine finally broke because I have to keep taking the slider off to clean it, what a PITA. Finally after cleaning it too many times, one of the small snap-in connectors broke which led me here to buy a replacement. At least give me a few other options besides no lid or the slider, both are terrible. And even if the lid hadn't broken, it's about as water tight as my spaghetti strainer. Who designs this stuff, amateurs?

Donna Garcia
Love Big Frig

So, some bozo bumped into me and made me drop my Black Rifle Coffee Tumbler which broke my lid (he didn't even say sorry). After reaching out to BRC on Facebook, I learned that I could order a new lid from Big Frig. Thank you for sending me my new lid in almost no time at all! I was back to using my awesome Tumbler, which by the way, makes my mornings so much better!!! Seriously!!! <3