Big Frig 32 oz Growler

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Our 32 oz growler is made for life on the move. The BPA-Free lid seals watertight to ensure zero spills and maximum temperature retention.

  • 16+ HOURS HOT
  • 60+ HOURS COLD


Designed with portability in mind, Big Frig growlers are ready to be part of your everyday carry. With a watertight, BPA-Free lid you can toss your bottle in you bag without worrying about leaks or spills. Constructed from 18/8 stainless steel and combined with vacuum insulation, you can enjoy your beverage at the perfect temperature whenever and wherever you want.

The double-wall interior holds up to 32 ounces of liquid while keeping the outside completely sweat-free. Your drinks will stay hot for over 16 hours, or stay cold for over 60 hours!


Big Frig provides custom coolers and drinkware built specifically for your lifestyle. Our mission from day one has always been customization, because we believe everyone deserves a product fit for them. Find out more→


Big Frig 32 oz Growler

Insulated stainless steel

Growler 32oz

HEIGHT - 9.5"

WEIGHT - 14.4 oz

3.5" (Base) 2.25" (Top)

Customer Reviews

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The Growler that doesn't bite

I purchased the 64oz Growler to replace a competitor's product. I had heard very good things about Big Frig items and wanted to give it a shot. End result, this Growler has been impressive in doing what I wanted it to do. It has kept coffee hot all day long on the frigid duck and goose hunts. It has also kept my beverages ice cold, even when sitting in the direct sunlight. With a price point that is substantially lower than other comparable products, this 64oz Growler from Big Frig is worth every penny.

Great Price Growler

I just wish it held ice a little longer, great bottle though!

Perfect on the go Growler

The 32oz Growler is the perfect grab and go bottle. Keeps ice all day and over night. My wife especially loves it for long days in the class room as she teaches. Better grab one!


Works great


I like it does keep ice for days but I think it needs a handle on the side when you drink its a little heavy

Hot, Fresh Coffee Many Hours Later

I discovered Big Frig through Black Rifle Coffee Company. BRCC sells some Big Frig products with BRCC branding, such as their "Coffee Saves" 30-ounce tumbler, which I use daily. This 128-ounce Big Frig growler is just as awesome. I use it to "administer" a gallon of coffee to my fellow runners and walkers after we cover 10-21 miles on a Saturday morning. They love that the coffee is still hot and fresh up to five hours after I have brewed it and poured it into this growler. I love that this growler means that I don't have to drag a coffee maker to the park where we meet. I also love the screw-top, flip-open (as in, "can't-be-lost") pouring cap, which means that I don't have to open the larger cap -- thereby keeping the coffee hot and avoiding spills that would occur from pouring from the bigger mouth. ONE TIP: When you seal the larger cap against this growler, rotate it clockwise as tightly as possible so as to avoid secondary dribbles past its silicone seal when you pour from the smaller opening.