4 Holster Cross Five Cattle Cooler

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The Cross Five Cattle Cooler is a color-coded animal vaccination & medication organization system. This cooler is a custom roto-mold type cooler that is sure to handle the ranch! With proper amounts of ice or heat, the cooler will hold the temp for a few days!



This Cross Five Cattle Cooler organization system has 4 vaccine gun holster tubes on the right lid. The tubes have an enclosed bottom to ensure optimal safety. The “gun” side of the cooler has room for the custom utility tray and ice or heat packs. The holsters promote viability of your vaccine by keeping in cool or warm and out of the sun and elements while not in use.

Cross Five Cattle Coolers

                              The left side of the cooler can be divided into 3 or 4 compartments with the removable heavy-duty plastic dividers. The compartments are color-coded to match the holsters/tubes. Keeping the vaccine and/or medication in their respective compartments will aid in the elimination of cross-contamination.

Cross Five Cattle Coolers

The top of the cooler is designed to be your vaccine/medication mixing station. The top left side has an indented space that will hold your utility tray or livestock markers while not in use. The lid also has two can spots. The top is slightly textured to prevent a slick mixing surface.

Cross Five Cattle Coolers

The idea is that if you’re giving “Vaccine A”, your marker is yellow, your holster is yellow and your compartment with only your vaccine in it is yellow… No screw-ups.

Customize your cooler with your brand’s logo/graphics.

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Size & Dimensions

Approx. Cross Five Cattle Cooler Dimensions

Approx. Cross Five Cattle Cooler Dimensions

37 lbs. (cooler only- no additional side lid)
23 in. wide
18 3/4 in. long
15.8 in. tall

Customer Reviews

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Sherri Gipe
Hard to use

Other than having to use bag of ice for the syringes (rather use ice packs) because the syringe holders are about 6 inches of clearance so use have to use quite a bit of ice to fill the compartment. Don’t like having to put the box on the ground, now I had to use a low table so I could reach the syringes easily.


I ordered my cooler just a few days before Christmas. I was expecting to get it after Christmas since I ordered it at the last minute, but I was wrong. I had it within 2-3 days after ordering it! Thank you Big Frig! The product is of very good quality and it's just want our son wanted.

Haylee Lunt

we can’t wait to try this out for branding season and have it all organized. so far the way it’s set up seems very well thought out.

Blake Pruett

Top notch quality and design would go as far to say market leader in both aspects

Lindell Campbell
Cross 5 cattle coolers

Absolutely love the vaccination cooler. We are able to keep our vaccines cool and at arms length, while vaccinating cattle. It speeds a process up I would say by 50% plus you don’t have to worry about temperatures or son decreasing the quality of your vaccines over the time you’re working your cattle.
I would recommend this product for anybody that has cattle that needs to be worked.

Great gift!

Bought this as a birthday present. It was a big hit and will get lots of use in our cattle operation. Also, I was super impressed with how quickly it arrived. Only downfall I have is that I wish the holster plugs came with the purchase of the cooler.