I like Big Bucks - 30oz Black Tumbler

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Oh my God Nigel, look at that buck

It is so big, he looks like

One of those rural guys' trophies

But, ya know, who understands those rural guys?

They only stalk him, because

He looks like a total monster, okay?

I mean, this buck, it's just so big

Uh, I can't believe it's just so pointy, it's like out there

I mean, uh, gross, look

It’s just such a big…rack

I like big bucks and I cannot lie

You other hunters can't deny

That when a deer walks by with a ten point mace

And a white tail in your face

You get cocked, want to stop in your truck

'Cause you noticed that buck was stuck

With those crazy antlers he’s maintainin’

I'm hooked and I can't stop aimin’

Oh Bambi, I wanna get wit'cha

And take your picture

Game warden tried to warn me

But that rack you got (it—it’s so horny)

Ooh, rack-o'-venison

You say you want to hang in my den?

Well, don’t need a story

'Cause you ain't that average quarry

I've seen him prancin' In the brush advancin'

He's sweat, wet

And he’s showin’ his big assets

I'm tired of ecologists

Pushing does for harvest

Take the average hunter and ask him that

He gotta pack much rack

So, fellas (yeah) fellas (yeah)

Is your trophy a big buck? (buck yeah)

Tell 'em to shoot it (shoot it) shoot it (shoot it)

Shoot that monster buck

Bambi got rack

Bambi got rack

I like 'em brown, and big

And when I'm fingerin' my trig

I just can't help myself, I'm starin’ at that animal

And his huge head-handles

I wanna get ya home

And ugh, hung-up, ugh, ugh

I don’t care ‘bout Pope and Young

Just so long as that big buck is hung

I want 'em real thick and pointy

So find that pointy double

Big Frig is in trouble

Beggin' for a piece of that nubble

So I'm lookin' at huntin’ videos

Knock-kneed yearlings lookin' like does

You can have them does I'll hold onto my ammo

A word to the thick-pole misters, I want to get with ya

I won't grunt or rattle

But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna (bang)

At the break of dawn Bambi got it goin' on

A lot of simps won't like this song

'Cause them punks like to gun and run

And I'd rather aim at game

That has more for gross score

And be my living room decor

So, deer (yeah) deer (yeah)

If you wanna be my chandelier (yeah)

Put your head down, stick it out

Even city boys got to shout

Bambi got rack

Bambi got rack

Yeah, Bambi, when it comes to whitetails

Sierra Club ain't got nothin' to do with my selection

Gross score of 96?

Ha ha, only if it’s just one side

So the state drew you a doe tag, that ain't nothin' about to brag

'Cause you can't bag no monster stag with a doe tag

My .308 mag don't want none

Unless you've got horns, son

You can do your rubs and scrapes

But please don't shed that rack

Some hunters just want the meat

And tell you that antlers ain't on fleek

So they toss it and leave it

And I pull up quick to retrieve it

I don’t need a reason

When it’s whitetail season.

'Cause your tines are sharp and your curves inspirin'

And I'm thinkin' bout firin'

To the woke elite all protesting

Sayin’ huntin’ ain’t your thing

Put up a tree stand, I’m up in it

And I’m gonna hit my limit

Some knuckleheads shoot and miss

But their shooters are on my list

They see game but they couldn’t bag 'em

And I pull up quick, hit, and tag 'em

So cervids, if the rut is on

And you wanna be my fawn

Add one more to my body count

And be my bedroom mount

Bambi got rack

Bambi got rack

I like Big Bucks - 30oz Black Tumbler


Tumbler 30oz


WEIGHT - 14.4 oz

3.1" (Base) 4.0" (Top)


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