Big Frig Tumbler Paracord Handle

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Our Big Frig Paracord Handle creates the perfect solution for carrying your tumbler with you on life's biggest adventures. Slip the durable nylon loops around your cup and hold onto the handle from any angle with comfort and ease. The handle is crafted from heavy-duty Parachute Cord that is weather-resistant and can be easily taken apart for any emergency situation that may arise.


Customer Reviews

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Nathan Koskovich

Doesn't stay on the tumbler at all, very disappointed. Love the tumblers, but this is a flop.

Tony Gonzalez
Does not work!

Flimsy and useless. I'm afraid to pick up a full mug of coffee because the cord has a tendency to slip off. There's no comfortable way to hold it.

Jeff London
Nice Try

Good concept, just way too flimsy, not near enough support to be called a handle. It's more like a leash.

Gib Butler
Paracord handle

I ordered a paracord handle. I specified it was for 20 oz. container. The loops that go around the container were the same size. Maybe I don know the trick or you don't realize the top and bottom of the container are different sizes'

Hey Gib, sorry you're not happy with your paracord handle. It sounds like it may need to be adjusted a bit. The woven part of the handle can be pulled to reduce the size of the loops or slid down to increase the size of one loop and decrease the other. If you have trouble or want to return yours for a refund, please email us at or call (605) 540-0911.

Michael Clark
Doesnt stay on

the loops fit on the cup and it looks good but does not stay in with the weight of a drink inside the cup.

Hey Michael,

I'm sorry that your handle isn't working for you the way it should. Please reach out to our customer service team about a replacement or refund: or 6055400911.


Molly Van Engen
Not the worst thing

So I bought 2 of them as I couldn’t find the plastic ones anymore. They are just not the best option. They are a little to flimsy on the handle so when the cup is full it is very easy to have it tilt and spill. The loops that go around the cup are different sizes but the one for the top is just a hair to big. It slides all the way up to the lid when you pick it up so makes you have to move it to drink out of it. It would be a great idea with a few tweaks.