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I love these tumblers

I have a few (about 10) of these Big Frig tumblers and they work great. Always keeps my beverage cold when I'm in Florida fishing or hot when I'm in Washington duck hunting. I can't say enough about this product.. The newly redesigned lids work great too.

Great T-Shirt

Soft and Comfy T-Shirt. Love the Color!

Love it!

So soft and comfy. I wear it all the time. I actually got a second one!


Holds cold well. Haven’t tried it with hot but had ice for 15 hours! But still would like a handle!

Pink matt 20 oz

Love my 20oz pink matt cup fits in my hands nicely and not heavy to hold


Holds plenty for one to two people and keeps everything very cold. Way cheaper than competitors!

Does not work!

Flimsy and useless. I'm afraid to pick up a full mug of coffee because the cord has a tendency to slip off. There's no comfortable way to hold it.

Nice Try

Good concept, just way too flimsy, not near enough support to be called a handle. It's more like a leash.

The absolute best

If you have and doubts about this brand, Do not!

I packed this 70qt full of ice 5 days ago, From Arkansas to New Orleans and back to Arkansas full of fresh seafood.

On day 5 it's still 3/4 full of ice. I never added ice. The cooler exceed my expectations on quality and durability. I really like the wheels, they aren't the hard plastic cheap type.

Fast shipping

Unbeatable Product and Price

I have the 20QT and the 70QT Hauler. Extreme durability along with the best pricetag you will find on the market!! Worth the investment hands down!

As advertised

Bought this as a work lunchbox and I’m not disappointed. I work 24 hour shifts, and take a lot of pre-made, frozen meals. Without priming the cooler, they are still frozen solid after 12 hours. So I left one over night once, was half frozen. Holds 8 beers with a good amount of ice or snow, keeps them nice. Can’t wait to use it as a seat when fishing on my SUP. The latches and handle are SUPER stiff at first, but are getting easier with time.

Great cup lid lid fits tight and works great.


Lids fit nice and snug. Easy to use and durable.

6-Pack of 20 oz Tumblers - CLEARANCE
Tumbler thoughts

It keeps my beverage nice and hot. I will be engraving on these to add a personal touch to customers. Wife loves the size and color of the pink tumbler. Will definitely be purchasing more.

70 qt Badlands Cooler

Packs a big punch and holds ice longer

We packed our 45qt badlands and a 65qt big name competitor and let them travel in the back of the truck for 7 straight days, only opening 4 times. On the seventh day, the BadLands still had approximately 2 pounds of ice while the 65qt big name competitor had nothing but ice. These coolers are built better, higher quality and much more cost effective than others.

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Get Jacked!

These are the best mugs! I ordered them for my kids for Christmas and then came back after Christmas and ordered two more for my self and my husband The hold the cold in for a really long time and they go through the dishwasher beautifully! The lids on the second set are better than the first set.

Extremely upset as it was sent however it was received in Sioux Falls on February 19th and I still have yet to receive it . It is sitting in Sioux Falls

Dry Box is built like a Tank

This is the most durable dry box I have ever seen. Totally in a different class than other dry boxes. You have to get one of these things!!!!

Excellent Product

My favorite coffee is pour over in a 30oz Yeti. I have tried various cones, with and without holders with varying outcomes. With one product the whole stack fell over and burned my hand with second degree burns. At that point I started using stainless filter cones but those clog up after a while and it takes a long time to pour my three cup serving over the coffee.
This product is the best system I have used yet. The tip-over risk seems much lower and the length of time to pour the water over the coffee and through the paper filter is much better.


Awesome dry box. Only problem was that I only bought one and now my wife wants it!

6-Pack of 20 oz Tumblers - CLEARANCE
Best tumblers

I’m not completely crazy about the slider to close my tumbler, but it works. I love the tumbler itself and the color is way better than I expected!


This is an awesome carrying option to have for the smaller coolers (10 and 20 quarts). The family is loving it so far!

Best cooler for truck stuff!!!

The latches are the best in the market.

Great cooler!

Loaded it up right away and it held ice and drinks cold for over a week easily!