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The Big Frig 30 oz tumbler is an OUTSTANDING product. It keeps an iced beverage COLD for hours. The matte finish on my bright red tumbler feels awesome every time I pick it up. I give this item my highest level of approval. And Big Frig's customer service is an added's OUTSTANDING!!!

75qt Badlands Cooler
Happy Camper!
Great coolers

I have a few different big brand coolers and the Big Frig models are the best IMO The carrye handles are better constructed and the latches are way better than a stretched PC of rubber. But the vacuum release is the best feature. No more opening the drain plug to be able to open the cooler on a hot day!

Great customer service!

Great cooler

Great cooler! I’ve used a couple times so far. I’ve got a 20Q also.
Great company!

Perfect Gift!

I am always happy with the Big Frig Tumblers, and this design is so funny!! And applicable right now!

This thing is STOUT!!

Long days call for big drinks. Having a growler big enough for the day is essential. Keeps cold ALL day long! And the handle is very heavy duty. Without hesitation I can throw this thing around and not worry about the handle or cap breaking.
BigFrig, job well done…again!

Great Tumbler

Love it. Holds a half a pot of coffee and keeps it hot for hours.

US Army Vet

I have a son that's in the 82nd ABD and has been deployed twice already, he comes from a 3rd Gen military family, This is a great gift for his B-day.

45qt Badlands Cooler
David Dandorph

Good quality fast shipping

Big Frig Ice Extender

The ice extender worked great. Stood one in each corner of the cooler. Filled with drinks then ice. They stayed so cold the ice stuck to them. Then extenders seem like a tough material no bulging after freezing should last for many years

Badlands Cooler

Tough very well built cooler!


We have multiple Big Frig drinking items and love them! Keeps ice for days and whatever drink don’t get watered down from ice because ice melts so very slow!! I take soup out to the deer stand and still hot for lunch! Now having logo of SDSU is a bonus and looks great not like going to fall off ever!! Plus got the braided handle and absolutely love it!!

Good cooler

Good sturdy cooler at a good price

45qt Badlands Cooler
Happy Camper!
Liked it so much I bought a 2nd one the day after the 1st one arrived!

I wanted a Big Frig because of the pressure relief plug located higher on the side. Being able to release pressure to open the lid without spilling water out of the drain plug was a major selling point for me.

The 45 went on sale a cpl weeks ago & I ordered one. I was not disappointed, it is well insulated and IMO superior in quality to the other big names I own(Yeti & Rtic). The handles are far nicer and look to be more durable, the latches lock into place better as well. The day after the 45 showed up, I ordered a 2nd and used them both this past weekend. I will be ordering the smaller size next time I see it on sale as well.

45qt Badlands Cooler
John Parsons
Outstanding As Always!

I have ordered many coolers and tumblers from Big Frig in the past and I have never been disappointed, you will not be either. These coolers are high quality, the seal is excellent and they hold ice for a long time! Keep doing what you are doing Big Frig!

Big Frig Tumbler Lid
Kirby Gardner

Big Frig Tumbler Lid

Big Frig 30oz Tumbler
Jennie Uhrich

Big Frig 30oz Tumbler

45qt Badlands Cooler
Tory McCauley
Great cooler!

Durable and keeps things cold for days

20qt Badlands Cooler
Jeff Stidham

I love the cooler. I keep it inside my truck 24/7. Ice lasts for several days even in the summer heat. I love the drain plug and relief valve. Look forward to many years of service.

Great products

Own 5 bigfrig coolers in various sizes and they are all awesome. Well made, durable and look great.

Big Frig 32oz Growler
Frederick Goss

Big Frig 32oz Growler

Quality cooler

Nice cooler fits perfectly on the floor board of my back seat without having to put the seats up. Thing is built like a tank! Not a big fan of the handle though ended up removing it plan on using it as a dedicated cooler to always keep in my pickup so not really needing the handle much anyways. Big frig makes tough coolers I was gifted a badlands 45 from my job about 3 years ago and it gets used as a sawhorse or a portable workbench occasionally in my shop it’s just that tough so far this 10 qt seems of the same quality would give it a 6 star if it was possible!

I love them

*Limited Edition* Patriot Camo 20qt Badlands Cooler
Great cooler.

Perfect size for small trips and on the side by side.

70qt Badlands Cooler
Daniel Drageset
Love it!

It’s a great cooler! Anyone living in Florida should buy it immediately!