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The tumbler is as good as any. The one negative is the printing will chip away. I would prefer etching.

Faulty clamps

One clamp broke off my big frig 45 before I went on a hunt, I called the company and told the lady I bought the cooler 4 months ago, she never offered to comp the product or my overnight shipping until I left a review on the product. I got to the hunt and the other clamp broke making my cooler almost unusable. There is a default in your product that should be addressed.

45qt Badlands Cooler
JJ Maldonado
Great Cooler

Held ice for 5 days outside in temps ranging between 85 and 40.

Correct part

Replacement plug fits perfectly. Thank you!

70qt Badlands Cooler
Justin Rabern

70qt Badlands Cooler


Cooler is decent but I have had it for less than 4 months and the handle has already broke off. The pin was loose close to the time that I had the cooler. I called and was directed to this page so I could buy a new one…… it seems like this is probably a common problem, sucks because it he bigger companies would have probably over nighter a new piece to me. no discount, sorry or anything. Guess I’ll pay for one and overnight it for my hunting trip this weekend

Big Frig 20oz Tumbler
Patricia Richey
Perfect Stainless Tumbler

I was looking for a “plain” stainless steel tumbler and this one is perfect. Great for hot or cold drinks. No paint to worry about chipping or pealing.

Big Frig 20oz Tumbler
Terrell Stokes

Big Frig 20oz Tumbler

Pleasantly surprised!

I bought the 32 OZ after I used a 20 OZ I liked. These Tumblers are great! They hold the cold and the caps mouth opening is perfect for sipping or chugging and pushes closed to keeps dirt and dust out. Excellent design. I liked it so much I ordered 5- 20 oz and 5- 32 oz with my company logo on them. Very good quality!

20qt Badlands Cooler
Sean Mallett

We liked out first 20qt so much that my wife and I would fight over who got to take it if we were going in separate directions. I decided to solve the situation and buy a second one - we now have two 20qt Badlands and one 45qt Badlands coolers. Great ice retention - easy to carry handle - perfect for day trips on the lake or to see family.

75 quart

I’ve gotten to use this 2 times so far. First time filled up with ice on a Friday and packed with cold beer and cold food, ice lasted 5 days! The next weekend was a little cooler and had no problem holding ice and drink for the week. Heavy built, love the latches and the vacuum release is a great addition. Will be purchasing a smaller one to take on the boat soon!

Does the job well. Keeps ice for days!

I have the 45 qt I bought a few years ago and finally added the 75 qt due to our growing needs. Didn't even think about going to any other brand but BigFrig

75qt Badlands Cooler
Charles Domingue
75 qt badlands cooler

Used it for the first time filled it and another name band cooler at the same time with drinks and ice. Left them in the back of my truck for two day in 90* weather and let me tell you it had ice left and the name big name brand only had water no ice.
Awesome cooler wish I had order 2 when they were on sale. Can’t wait to get another one

Big Frig, Big Fish

I bought 3 Big Frig shirts for myself and two fellow guides here in Alaska. We all have landed 30+inch rainbow trout in them. It’s magic

Replace the replacement

Awesome product love my growler

Cooler lid

Fit like it should and can use the cooler for more than vaccine guns now.

Great Product, Great Value

I’ve been using Big Frig Badlands coolers for several years. I have several and have bought several for business gifts. I also have a yeti cooler that I bought beforehand. My yeti is in my storage unit and I use my Badlands Coolers almost every weekend. I like the camo color. Should bring back the old camo color, but the snow camo looks good. They look better and have more functional benefits then the yeti and other coolers. Anyone who compares the Badlands cooler to the same size competitors cooler will choose the Badlands.

20qt cooler

This is my 3rd Badlands cooler. I’ve got several of the top competitors, but none can stand up to the Badlands.

Replacement Growler Lid
Ryan Millershaski

Replacement Growler Lid

20qt Badlands Cooler
Anthony Murphy
Tough as nails

Haven’t had cooler long but a couple weeks of daily use and I’m impressed

Great little cooler

This is the perfect size for day trips with the kids. Keeps drinks and snacks cold and is easy to take with us. The tray is perfect for keeping sandwiches above the ice as well.

10qt Badlands Cooler
Great Cooler

We used this cooler as part of a giveaway at an outdoor expo and people loved it! We had a ton of entries! The winner is very happy with the cooler!


This is just what we were looking for.

Big Frig Tumbler Lid
Robert McClelland
Work great

We continuously lose these lids so needed replacements. Very fast shipping and easy online ordering.


Marketed as for Americans By Americans. Turns out it’s just more corporate sellout made in China job robbing crap. Really can’t complain about the quality of the actual product, If you’re ok with undermining America, this is the best made in China Cooler you can probably buy.