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Flip Straw Growler Lid

Works great. Nice not having to tilt the whole thing back, especially while driving.

Nice Growler

Very pleased with my purchase and love my Big Frig products

Big Frig 128oz Growler
Brent Klaassen
128oz growler

This thing Rocks!! Keeps my drink cold all day long. Highly recommend this growler.

Big Frig 128oz Growler
Patricia Schultz
Big water jug

Love this water jug, great for ballgames


It’s great. Much better then the big opening. I no longer dump my water all over me!

Big Frig 128oz Growler
christian watkins
Growler Purchase

Yes i got two 128oz Growler for Softball, I love them, it would be nice if you would make a fence hanger accessory, Thank you

Big Frig 128oz Growler
Kristi Alleyi love them!

I love our new Growler-128oz! Water stays cold, I love that the lid stays attached so it isn’t falling off in the dirt. Thank you Big Frig

Throw away the coffee machines and Starbucks

Cannot be happier with an online purchase than this little beauty! I have been using this now for a month and it is working splendidly, so easy to clean and the coffee tastes so much better than Mr. Coffee machines in my kitchen. And it goes without saying that the value proposition on this pour over filter versus buying at Star(y)ucks is beyond comparision! Better coffee, more counter space and can throw in my backpack when traveling......WINNING!!

Big Frig 128oz Growler
Mark Warrington

Big Frig 128oz Growler


Wow! This thing is amazing. Holding a whole gallon of liquid, keeping ice for several days and sturdy as a truck.
My old UA 1/2 gal cooler used to lose its ice in a half day and you could see sweat on outside too. Not here.
Suggestion - don't use as much ice as with others expecting it to melt down.

Not the same as the original plug

This plug is not the same as the original plug for the cooler. The original had a rubber release valve built into the plug that allowed you to release pressure/vacuum but pressing the rubber button on the valve. This replacement is solid requiring you to unscrew the plug to release pressure/vacuum.

Best Damn Coolers, Period !

I’ve got coolers, growlers , mugs, cups about everything from Big Frig, their products are excellent and the people that work there are the best !!!!

Good cooler! Great company located in the Dakotas

Great cooler great service, fast shipping also.

Excellent Product!

Works great

Plugs fit nice and keep holsters clean

#FJB Mug

Coworkers are envious. Cool mug!

Awesome service

I just want to personally think your customer service department. Big Frig was very professional. I had made a mistake on a bogo order and didn't apply the second cup to order. I reachout to them and they shipped the other cup immediately. Thanks so much. 10 stars in my book.

Great patriotic tumbler

First off, it's a standard Big Frig 30 oz tumbler, so it's going to keep your drink cold, as you would expect. But, on top of that basic, functional outcome, you also get to put your love for country on display. A high quality design combined with high quality application to the tumbler. With the BOGO promotion I got two of the tumblers: One for home, and one for the office.

excellent tumbler quality and message

Quality Product with a Brand You Can Stand Behind

We have wanted a good cooler for some time now and we stumbled upon the Big Frig brand after buying two of their 30 oz tumblers. My husband loves the tumblers so much he told me to throw away the other brand tumblers that we have and buy more Big Frig. Great price and better quality. For whatever reason we could never get on board with buying the 'other brands'. When we saw the BIg Frig brand, who they are and what they support, we knew this was the cooler for us. Then to add that it comes in a great camo pattern, we were even more excited. We received the 75 quart cooler and loved it SO MUCH that we turned around and bought the 20 quart within one week. Same quality and same standards. Big Frig, we love and support your brand!

Let's Go Brandon! - Big Frig Drinkware

Love my custom graphic designed cup, but the lid, WTF?

As some others have mentioned, love my BigFrig 30oz cup, but this has to be about the worst designed lid in the world. Mine finally broke because I have to keep taking the slider off to clean it, what a PITA. Finally after cleaning it too many times, one of the small snap-in connectors broke which led me here to buy a replacement. At least give me a few other options besides no lid or the slider, both are terrible. And even if the lid hadn't broken, it's about as water tight as my spaghetti strainer. Who designs this stuff, amateurs?

Love my Big Frig!

This cup is exactly what I needed to kee my ice longer and keep my water cold!!

Works Great with my Yeti Tumbler

I bought this as a shortcut to getting "Pour Over" coffee in my 20oz Yeti Tumbler. It work perfectly. I am very happy with this product.