Murdo, South Dakota


Starting at a young age, Jordan Miller developed a driving passion for both hunting and sports. He spent his youth outside or in the gym – hunting and fishing, or lifting weights and working on his jump shot. His dedication to his physical fitness paid off in the form of accolades, medals, and a collegiate scholarship to play basketball; but most importantly, it resulted in a life-long commitment to physical fitness and healthy living.

Jordan chose to take his infectious personality and passion for physical fitness and use them to establish a career in personal training. After receiving a Bachelors degree in Sports Exercise & Wellness from Dakota Wesleyan University in 2011, Jordan began training at Fitness 19 in Sioux Falls, SD. Managing and training over 40 clients per week, Jordan is a sought-after trainer because of his blend of physical training exercises and proper nutrition guidelines. Combining support and constant positive motivation, he is transforming the lives of his clients.

Jordan went on to be the Fitness Manager of two GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness Facilities for 3 years progressing his career. Despite his rigorous schedule, his competitive spirit remains. Jordan not only trains champion fitness competitors and models, he is a men’s physique competitor himself. His drive to stay fit continues to help him in the pursuit of one of his first and most passionate hobbies – hunting. Growing up in the plains of South Dakota, hunting was a family obsession that Jordan could easily enjoy right in his own backyard.

He spent countless hours in the field with his dad, grandfather, uncles, and brother (and now, his wife) pursuing whitetails, mule deer, elk, waterfowl, coyotes, boar, and much more. He is skilled in both archery and rifle shooting, and understands the grueling physical demands hunting can place on a person. As he saw his aging mentors stop applying for tags because the physical effects of hunting had become too much for them, he was determined to develop a fitness program that can help hunters stay in the field as long as possible. With Jordan’s help, hunters of all skill levels will be able to execute safe, successful hunts. Jordan now has 2 children, Eva (3) and Eric (1).