Avon, Colorado


Growing up in the little town of Homer, Nebraska Joel was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age by his family. His father had him out shooting bows at a really early age and soon became addicted to it. He remembers going and sitting in a tree stand with his dad and just counting down the days till he was old enough to start hunting himself. When that day came his addiction grew even more and from that point on no matter the season he was out trying to get it done.

Since then Joel has have moved to Colorado, a place he has always envisioned himself living. In the summer months he can be found fly fishing the rivers or hiking around the high Rockies, setting up trail cameras and scouting for the upcoming seasons. In April and May, he is going after turkeys, and in September he is chasing elk and bear with a bow. The winter season begins with him hunting mule deer in Colorado with a rifle and whitetails in Nebraska with a bow. When the late winter months come around Joel is out ice fishing on the lakes every weekend.