San Diego, California


“It’s not a talent, it’s a passion”. Fernando started cooking in his backyard but he always knew his dream was much bigger than being a hot dog or burger guy. He started competing in a local amateur BBQ competitions, and received the best tailgate team award for San Diego. He then decided to innovate, and began building a solar-powered full entertainment trailer equipped with a smoker. This is when a fire was lit.

Fernando thought that if he could put the same attention to detail, from the trailer, he might have a better shot at winning. The following year, he took 1st place in chicken and 3rd overall. He began touring the backyard circuit and winning. People started to recognize him as his social following grew, and he was asked to be on the local Fox morning shows. His passion has paved the way for a platform that allows him to give back to the community, set-up bbq competitions, “Mano a Mano”.

Fernando has participating in multiple podcasts, winning KCBS awards and countless local backyard bbq competitions. When asked what his journey was like to get where he is today, he responded “I have been humbled and failed many times. But I have learned from each situation. I strive to be a positive factor in the bbq community.”