Elk River, Minnesota


I’m a young, results-driven professional with deep roots in extensive sales and a proven track record to hunt down, obtain, and maintain new and existing business – A self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit to the fullest extent. I got involved in the industry at a young age learning from my amazing parents. My father took me on hunting trips when I was far younger than most. I don’t remember it much, but I’ve seen pictures of when I was 4 years old sitting in stubble fields dressed in white sheets sitting in spreads of thousands of snow goose socks waiting for the swarms of snow geese to decoy! As the years went on, my true passion along with hunting was baseball. My dad gave me a choice, hunt, or play football and I chose hunting. I practiced at both about equally, but as I grew older, baseball ate up a lot of my time and when I signed professionally, I was out of the hunting game for a while. When I turned 24, I hung up the cleats and picked up hunting and fishing where I left off and started my life. To this day, I haven’t skipped a beat! Some of my bigger accomplishments are pursuing the field of DIY hunting. A lot of studying, connections, talking to all walks of life has pushed me to grab my gear and hit the road and doing it on my own. I have a lot of respect for outfitters and their operations, but I’ve chosen to pursue hunting and fishing on my own, and I take a lot of pride in being able to harvest animals, and experience our amazing public lands! As a sales person and leader – it’s my duty to approach the field of my endeavors with insight, humor, compassion and determination. I try to always exemplify the highest standard of learning, team and individual growth potential in anything I do. I am able to mold myself in a three-dimensional manner (Dedicated Hard Work, Aggressive Sales, Transparent Passion for my customers and organization) and hold a remarkable balance between relentlessly driving high performance and maintaining deeply loyal and effective relationships. I give 100% in whatever the task at hand may be. I prove that customer service, communication, and the ability to outwork my competition never goes out of style with determination. Following my successful leaders, using their advice, my trials, time and history pushes me to remain curious, a team player and optimistic and poised for that moment of opportunity!