Hudson, Wisconsin


Husband and wife duo, Damon and Lu Holter of Croix Valley Sauces Competition BBQ Team, are not only barbecue and grilling experts, but are owners of an award-winning food manufacturing business that specializes in sauces, rubs and marinades. Bringing their expertise to the world of food sport, they have won numerous awards and accolades throughout the country in hundreds of events and professional competitions.

Damon is a regular on TV in his hometown of the Twin Cities metropolitan area and was featured on Travel Channel’s series “American Grilled”. He also hosted 13 episodes for Outside Television Network’s “Fired Up Food” where he taught viewers how they can elevate their grilling experiences ad embrace new recipes and ideas with ease. Damon is also an avid outdoorsman, a world record holding fisherman, wildlife artist, and an accomplished musician.

As an avid food sport competitor, Lu has won numerous awards nation-wide in professional cooking competitions, including Kansas City Barbecue Society competitions, Steak Cook off Association contests and the World Food Championships. Lu’s versatile skills around the grill and her hands in organizing a professional barbecue organization make her a well-rounded authority on everything from intense BBQ environments to the lazy backyard grill. In addition to her role as a Croix Valley owner and barbecue expert, Lu also loves to be outdoors, cultivate the koi in her backyard pond and spend time fishing and kayaking.