Bartlesville, Oklahoma


Bobby grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and loved to hunt and fish especially being in the outdoors. Growing up he really took to shooting bows and that lead to bow hunting whitetails . Things changed when he had his son and he started taking him hunting and fishing with him. He started to film him just for the memories, and that’s where filming came in.

Bobby became addicted to the challenge of self filming and taking mature animals with his bow. It’s the pinnacle of bow hunting to take a mature animal on camera self filming with a bow. One thing lead to another, and Bobby started posting his hunts on social media and people started to watch them and recognize him. It’s been a long journey but he now runs his own hunting tv show with one of his best friends, that they call Chasing The Dream.

It has not been a easy road for Bobby to get to where he is at today but things are lining up. No matter what he will always continue to film, hunt and educate our youth because that’s what it’s all about . Bobby Glenn Chasing The Dream…