Lynch, Nebraska


The outdoors has always been a vital part of life for Andy Classen. Growing up in “small town” Nebraska also made living the outdoor lifestyle more conducive and accessible, so Classen never really thought much of it throughout his early years. He explained “I just assumed every kid had the opportunity to deer hunt with his Dad in the fall, or go fishing on the river with his Uncle in the spring.”

It became very clear to Andy when he went off to college that this wasn’t the case at all; in fact, most kids don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis. He decided he wanted to share his outdoor experience with others, because of how much it meant to him growing up. It shaped him into the person he is today, and being able to offer that to not only kids, but adults alike that haven’t had the opportunity to experience the solidarity of the outdoors was an invaluable opportunity for Andy.

He enjoys taking friends and family with him on his fishing trips, and hunting adventures, because they always end up loving the outdoors just as much as he does. Recently, he has decided to take his mission a step further by starting his own show Chasin’ The Dream. Being able to share the outdoors with people on an even larger scale was something Andy had been pursuing for awhile now, and when asked about his goals with the show, he stated “I want to inspire folks to get outside and bestow upon their own adventure. In the end the people are what makes this dream of mine a reality, because without their support, none of this would be possible.”