Introducing the heart of the Big Frig Family: our brand ambassadors. From cooking five-star entrees to racing off-road to teaching the next generation of outdoorsmen, these individuals truly embody their way of life.

Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Amanda Lynn Mayhew

G. K. Young

Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller

Jonathan Scinto

Jonathan Scinto

Chris Knight

Chris Knight

Brandon McMillan

Justin & Hunter

Jessi Jean

Damon & Lu

Mills Motorsports

Joel Olerich

Danny Woodke

Duane Hjelm

Nick Bowser

Brad Durick

Fernando Martinez

Eric Maddox

Amber & Ted

Joe Higginbotham

Jim Nicoloff

Nathan Hillinger

Travis Wilebski

Andy Classen

Bobby Glenn

Jesse Collett

Jonathan Braun

Patrick Perkins

Vance Bishop

Chris Moody

Cody King

Erik Scott

CJ Pruit


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