AMANDA LYNn mayhew


Ontario, Canada


Hunter – Guide – Angler – Athlete – Speaker

Amanda Lynn is one of today’s most popular faces of the outdoors.

Amanda Lynn not only believes in conservation but also homesteading and making the most of the land she lives on. Growing fresh produce, raising her own meat and taking advantage of each situation to fill her freezers with wild game and fish.

Out of a combination of determination, focus on fitness, outdoors skills and a positive, energetic personality and a passion for travel. Amanda Lynn has embraced her roots, proven her tireless work ethics and devotion to her fan base as an accomplished Celebrity speaker and one of the most popular TV Host of the outdoors.

The younger generation looks up to the role models of the industry seeing strong, beautiful, capable and independent women. She is so beloved in the industry. Do yourself a favor and check out her work on her website.