July 23, 2018

Nothing adds to the enjoyment of summertime activities such as traveling, camping and fishing. When planning your adventures here are 11 tips to keep your food, drinks and snacks cold.

Consider Color of a Cooler
When choosing a cooler, consider a white color as it will absorb less heat.

Pre-chill the Cooler
In order to get the most out of your cooler, it is recommended that you pre-chill your cooler for 24 hours before you pack it up and head out. Pre-chilling involves adding a cold source to your cooler to bring the internal temperature down. Consider freezing water in a milk jug and then placing it in the cooler overnight. When you’re ready to pack the cooler the following day, do not re-use the milk jugs.

Commercial Freezer Ice
A commercial freezer will have colder ice than a home freezer. Additionally, bags of ice located in the back of a commercial freezer are ideal as they are colder than the bags in the front.

Chill What You Are Packing
The colder the food and drink you put into a cooler, the longer it’ll stay cold. Place frozen items on the bottom of the cooler and avoid packing warm cans of liquid.

Stack It
Fill your cooler to capacity by topping it off with more ice.

Look for Shade
Your cooler should be kept in the shade to retain ice longer. If shade isn’t available, consider covering your cooler with a light-colored towel.

Keep the Lid Closed
The more you open the lid, the more warm air you let into the cooler. Think strategically when grabbing items from your cooler.

Avoid Draining the Water
The water is almost as cold as the ice and can help insulate the remaining ice. To avoid soggy items, keep your food sealed tight.

Freeze Water Bottles
More than likely you will be traveling with water bottles. Consider freezing half of them and pack them on the bottom of the cooler.

Add an Insulated Mat
Grab a piece of a wool or insulated blanket. Cut it to fit inside your cooler. Lay it on top. When you open the lid to grab something, just lift up enough of the insulating mat to find the item.

Be safe and respect nature!